What’s the best way to use events and conferences?

Mitchell Harper (Co-Founder & Board Member @ Bigcommerce)
28 things I’d do differently next time around — Medium

Don’t speak at conferences — they’re a massive waste of time

Sam Altman (President at Y Combinator)
Startup Playbook

For anything you consider doing, ask yourself Is this the best way to optimize growth? For example, going to a conference is not usually the best way to optimize growth, unless you expect to sell a lot there.

Dan Martell (Co-Founder of Flowtown, CEO and Co-Founder of Clarity)
Startup Conferences 101: Getting Your Money’s Worth | @getmoreclarity

In order to do an effective post-mortem on the return on the conference, set aside some time before the event to determine your metrics for success, and use these as benchmarks to hold yourself accountable throughout the conference. For example, often times entrepreneurs attend events to meet new people, expand their network and get introduced to specific people. Make a clear list of the those you want to meet at the event and make sure you get t… (read more)