What’s the best way to manage your community?

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Public Writing and Community Building – AVC

If you want to make a splash and create something new, writing publicly and building a community around that is one important part of the playbook.

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
Does this make someone a troll? | A Founder’s Notebook

One of the things we learned from building Seeking Alpha’s successful comment community was which behaviors hindered productive debate and caused animosity. One of the most common is: Ascribing negative motives to someone you disagree with.

Paul Graham (Co-Founder & Partner at Y Combinator)
What I’ve Learned from Hacker News

There are two main kinds of badness in comments: meanness and stupidity.

Tristan Pollock (Entrepreneur in Residence and Venture Partner at 500 Startups)
14 Marketplace Mistakes That Are Killing Your Startup | 500 Startups

Moderate and curate a lot, especially early on in the life of your company. The more you relinquish control to the community, the better the experience, the more engaged the community, and the faster you can scale.

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
Should websites shut down comments? | A Founder’s Notebook

Moderating comments requires a meaningful resource commitment, which you’ll only make if you deeply believe in the value of comments.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
You Can Turn Off Comments, But You Can’t Turn Off Discussions

The web (and increasibly mobile) is a great place to talk about stuff that matters to you. It always has been and it always will be. Some publishers will foster those conversations on their own domains. Some will let the conversations happen elsewhere. I am not particularly concerned about who does what.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Pseudonyms Drive Community – AVC

Pseudonyms lead to higher quality comments. Pseudonyms are more engaged and active.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Comments Are Dead, Long Live Comments – AVC

Commenting is alive and well on the web and mobile. It’s just dead on sites that would prefer to have the conversation happen elsewhere.