What’s the best way to improve customer experience?

Sachin Rekhi (Group Product Manager at LinkedIn)
Growth Lessons Learned from LinkedIn | Sachin Rekhi

The single most important thing a growth team can do is not picking the right variant to test, but simply increasing the velocity of tests you are running.

Sangeet Paul Choudary (Founder at Platform Thinking)
Reverse Network Effects: Why Scale Threatens Today’s Social Networks

As networks scale, the value for users may drop for several reasons: 1. Connection – new users joining the online community may lower the quality of interactions and increase noise/spam through unsolicited connection requests. 2. Content – personalization of the user experience. Reverse network effects set in if the content curation and personalization systems don’t scale well. 3. Clout – the network may get inadvertently biased towards early use… (read more)

Sam Gerstenzang (Director of Product at Imgur)
16 product things I learned at Imgur — Medium

Every interface can be made simpler. One useful technique is to have a separate meeting focused just on cutting and simplifying