What’s the best way to handle your patent lawsuit?

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Section 18 of the America Invents Act – AVC

If you are sued or threatened with a suit over a business method patent, you can submit the business method patent to the USPTO for a “post grant review.” If the USPTO determines that patent is overly broad or should not have been issued, it will be thrown out in its entirety.
You can do this as part of your defense strategy and it will cost a fraction of a litigation defense. And the USPTO is required to complete the post grant review within on… (read more)

Paul Graham (Co-Founder & Partner at Y Combinator)
How to Raise Money

Sometimes a competitor will deliberately threaten you with a lawsuit just as you start fundraising, because they know you’ll have to disclose the threat to potential investors and they hope this will make it harder for you to raise money. If this happens it will probably frighten you more than investors. Experienced investors know about this trick, and know the actual lawsuits rarely happen. So if you’re attacked in this way, be forthright with i… (read more)