What’s the best way to design your UI/UX?

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Rethinking Mobile First – AVC

If you design for the web and then port to mobile, you will find that it is really hard to fit your UI onto the small screen. Better to design for mobile first and then build a web companion. Mobile first, web second.

Steven Sinofsky (Board Partner at Andreessen Horowitz)
Frictionless Design Choices | Learning by Shipping

1. Decide on a default rather than options. 2. Create one path to a feature or task. 3. Offer personalization rather than customization. 4. Stick with changes you make. 5. Build features, not futzers. Stay focused on delivering features will enable your product to do more. 6. Guess correctly all the time.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Witch Hunts and Public Data – AVC

I think we will see all the systems we use in our lives become more transparent over time and the data that becomes public as a result will provide countless opportunities to be analyzed, optimized, and yes, sensationalized. No good comes without some bad. That’s the way forward progress works.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Feature Friday: Trust – AVC

I went back and looked at the Ten Golden Principals For Web Apps presentation I did four and a half years ago.
Nowhere on this list is Trust. Maybe that was an oversight. Or maybe times have changed.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Some Quick Thoughts on I/O – AVC

Here, in no particular order, are the things that I am most excited about or thinking the most about:
1) Smart notifications. 2) Android mirroring on Chromecast. 3) In app data available in web search. 4) Wear, Car, TV.

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
Five simple rules for better design | A Founder’s Notebook

For people who work in product or design, Matthew Butterick’s Typography in ten minutes is a must-read. One caveat: its not written for mobile designers

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Lightweight Engagement Gestures – AVC

I was on vacation with my friend John and he asked me how I used the favorite button on Twitter. I told him it is a way to tell people that I’ve seen the tweet when I do not want to reply. I use it in two primary ways. To signal that I saw and liked a tweet. And to signal that I saw a tweet to the person who sent it. The two are different only in that in the second case, I probably did not like the tweet but I still wanted to acknowledge it. I re… (read more)

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Is It The Content Or The Packaging? – AVC

The high level point to me is that the packaging matters a lot. Over the top services, a direct relationship with the content producer, all at once release (promoting binge watching), and great content is the winning formula. Content quality alone is not enough.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Development Is Cheap. Production Is Not. – AVC

I have seen engineering teams spin their wheels and burn through countless hours of writing code that ends up getting tossed out just because the design process was not right or not specific enough or not thought through enough. While we might think these issues and challenges are unique to the world of tech, software, internet, and mobile, the truth is these issues pervade everywhere you are making something. This is not so applicable to a start… (read more)

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
Frictionless vs. minimalist product design | A Founder’s Notebook

Product managers should care about friction, not minimalism. Minimalism only matters if it reduces friction.

Katie Sherwin (User Experience Specialist at Nielsen Norman Group)
“Learn More” Links: You Can Do Better

“Learn More” is dangerous because of its ambiguity and poor information scent. Here are three alternatives: Option 1. Use keywords that describe the link’s destination. For example, instead of “Learn How Professional Chefs Cook Squash”, try “Cook Squash Like The Pros. ” Option 2. Retain the “Learn More” format and add descriptive keywords. “Learn more about our services. ” Option 3. Convert the preceding-paragraph heading into the only link.

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
If your product relies on user data, there are two keys to winning | A Founder’s Notebook

If your product relies on user data, there are two keys to winning 1) a much easier user experience [for] getting users’ data imported and 2) making the user do almost no work at all

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Messaging, Notifications, and Mobile – AVC

And so for certain people, and certain kinds of conversations, one messaging app is preferable to another. It’s very possible that entrepreneurs will continue to come up with unique and differentiated experiences and that will drive further fragmentation.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
A Lens Into The Future Of Enterprise Software – AVC

Mobile matters, a lot. I mentioned in my What Just Happened post that mobile is starting to really impact the enterprise software business.
At Work Market, the freelancers want to get work, accept work, and close out work on their phones. So mobile app development has become a huge part of what the Work Market engineering team has to work on. At some point, the enterprise will likely want to issue work orders on their phones too.

Marissa Mayer (CEO & President at Yahoo!)
A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Marissa Mayer about Business, Management, and Innovation | 25iq

I think a great product is something where you see an acute user need and you solve it in a way that is frictionless and beautiful. You really hope there’s an element of personality and delight there.

Tristan Pollock (Entrepreneur in Residence and Venture Partner at 500 Startups)
14 Marketplace Mistakes That Are Killing Your Startup | 500 Startups

[Stop trying to] prevent disintermediation instead of adding value.

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
Thoughts On Twitter’s Growth Problem, And Why It’s Losing To Facebook – Twitter, Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) | Seeking Alpha

The product must combine high liquidity of content with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
The Similarities Between Building and Scaling a Product and a Company – AVC

The system you and your team built will break if you don’t keep tweaking it as demand grows. Greg Pass, who was VP Engineering at Twitter during the period where Twitter really scaled, talks about instrumenting your service so you can see when its reaching a breaking point, and then fixing the bottleneck before the system breaks. He taught me that you can’t build something that will never break. You have to constantly be rebuilding parts of the s… (read more)

Mattan Griffel (Co-founder & CEO at One Month)
The Minimal Homepage

What do you notice about the homepages of the fastest growing companies in the world? No access without signup. Navigation and hyperlinks are almost always absent. Focus on a single, clear value proposition. Your product is not about sharing. Big images. Embedded signup forms.

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
What happens when a content site stops optimizing for page views? | A Founder’s Notebook

In a world awash with pageview-driven content and no robust way to filter for quality, a service with a high signal-to-noise ratio is valuable.

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
The best product and growth hacking advice ever | A Founder’s Notebook

the product team’s most important task is to figure out the foundation of the user experience, namely:How do you get people through the door? How do you get them to an “aha!” moment as quickly as possible? How do you deliver core product value as often as possible?

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Hiring Mobile Engineers vs Training Engineers On Mobile – AVC

In a board meeting of one of our most successful “web first” companies last week, we learned that they no longer have a mobile engineering team or a mobile product team. All the engineering and product teams do mobile and web at the same time in the same team. They still have some small teams that work on mobile growth and other specific issues that are unique to mobile. But most of the product, design, and engineering work on mobile happens in t… (read more)

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Curated Marketplaces – AVC

Marketplaces can work in a highly curated model or a wide open model. Stephanie’s post suggests to me that marketplaces are moving to a more curated model in order to become more user friendly (in many ways, not just on mobile). I think entrepreneurs need to be careful not to curate too much because you lose the power of the peer network, open Internet model that has proven to be so potent and disruptive over the years.