What’s the best way to create a platform/embed strategy?

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
How paid content site De Correspondent acquires users from Facebook | A Founder’s Notebook

The right strategy for publishers is therefore to convert Facebook (and Twitter and LinkedIn) users to a higher engagement channel in the publisher’s control.

Mark Suster (Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures)
Download • Snapchat

It’s really hard in the app store. It’s controlled by people who pay a lot for distribution. The key is to find alternate distribution. I’ve seen success with business apps going through slack to get downloads. If you have an app you need to think about other means of distribution. Think imgur, think facebook, think reddit. If you’re a business company you can distribute via HubSpot or Salesforce

David Sacks (CEO at Zenefits)
The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

when YouTube started, the way they got distribution initially was to embed videos inside MySpace, which is exactly the tactic that PayPal had used inside eBay, we embedded our auction logos inside of eBay auctions. Basically turning larger sites into involuntary platforms for our applications, we figured out that distribution model.

Vinicius Vacanti (Founder and CEO @ YipitData)
9 Ways To Make Your Startup Grow Virally | Vinicius Vacanti

Get users to tell others about your app simply by using it. Get users to push content they create on your app to Facebook, Twitter. Get users to generate content that you optimize for search engines. Make it in your users’s best interest to invite their friends. Get celebrities to use your app. Get content created on your app to be newsworthy.

Tony Haile (CEO at Chartbeat)
Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile: What You Get Wrong about the Internet

A widespread assumption is that the more content is liked or shared, the more engaging it must be, the more willing people are to devote their attention to it. However, the data doesn’t back that up. We looked at 10,000 socially-shared articles and found that there is no relationship whatsoever between the amount a piece of content is shared and the amount of attention an average reader will give that content.

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
Easy Come Easy Go – AVC

SEO and Facebook timeline integration is “best practice” on the Internet. You should do both. They can be great free acquisition channels. But they are not great retention channels. Because easy come easy go.
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