What’s the best way to compensate employees?

Philip Sugar (Founder & President @ SpringActive)
The Management Team – Guest Post From Phil Sugar – AVC

I am in charge of recruiting. I will have somebody managing the process as we grow; departments do the interviewing, but bottom line, if my people are better than your people I win. I go on as many sales calls and customer visits as I can. I’ve been told that once I hire a Head of Sales, I should stay out of the process. I totally disagree. The top producer makes more than the manager. If the only way people think they can make the most money… (read more)

Mitchell Harper (Co-Founder & Board Member @ Bigcommerce)
28 things I’d do differently next time around — Medium

Tie a good amount of everyone’s bonus to a customer success metric

Michael Mauboussin (Managing Director and Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse)
Untangling Skill and Luck

Ideally, a compensation program pays an individual for his or her skillful contribution toward achieving a desirable objective. Compensation programs need to be modified so as to strip out as much randomness as possible.

Henry Ward (Founder & CEO at eShares)
eShares 101 — Medium

1. Compensation (salary + equity) is determined by the market for your skill set, and your skill level. That means there is no automatic annual raise of 2-4%. 2. Increase compensation by increasing marketability. 3. You will be marked-to-market at your 9-month anniversary and every 12 months thereafter. 4. We target being in the 75th percentile for your compensation.

Leo Polovets (General Partner @ Susa Ventures)
Analyzing AngelList Job Postings, Part 2: Salary and Equity Benchmarks · Coding VC

[from 2014] Assuming that a startup has two founders, here are some ballpark numbers for engineering job offers:

For employee #1:
20th percentile salary range is $70k – $100k
50th percentile salary range is $80k – $120k
80th percentile salary range is $82k – $135k

For employees #2 through #13, salaries rise for higher paying jobs:
20th percentile salary range is $75k – $100k
50th percentile salary range is $85k – $125k
80th percentile s… (read more)

Unknown (who knows!?)
Explore Salary & Equity Data

https://angel.co/salaries has useful information to identify market rates

Aaron Patzer (Founder & CEO of Fountain, Mint)
Aaron Patzer lays bare Mint’s numbers – YouTube

My first engineer at Mint I paid $3,000/mo. That’s what I paid my second engineer as well. [They] got 2% and 1.5% equity. I hired my VP of Engineering who was [previously] making 180k for 90k but I gave him 4% equity.

Jeffrey Minch (Entrepreneur – ‎Littlefield Advisors)
The Management Team – Guest Post From JLM – AVC

A good comp plan includes: Salary; Benefits; Short term incentives (measurable performance based bonus); Long term incentives (equity); and something special (work from Colorado two weeks per year).

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
Promote fast | A Founder’s Notebook

Promote fast. A simple litmus test for promoting someone is: Are there additional, meaningful responsibilities you want to give this person? If so, promote them. If not, don’t. And “promote fast” then means: Don’t be scared to throw extra responsibilities at capable people.

Ben Horowitz (Co-Founder & Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz)
Titles and Promotions – Ben’s Blog

There are two schools of thought regarding this. Marc Andreessen argues that people ask for many things from a company: salary, bonus, stock options, span of control, and titles. Of those, title is by far the cheapest, so it makes sense to give the highest titles possible… If it makes people feel better, let them feel better. At Facebook, by contrast, Mark Zuckerberg… avoids accidentally giving new employees higher titles and positions than bette… (read more)