What’s the best way to choose your company headquarters?

Sam Altman (President at Y Combinator)
Why Silicon Valley Works – Sam Altman

Silicon Valley works because there is such a high density of people working on start-ups and they are inclined to help each other.

Jeremy Boudinet (Marketing Director for AmbitionSales)
Top 5 Benefits of Growing a SaaS Startup Outside of Silicon Valley

[on starting a company outside Silicon Valley] The advantages: 1. Low burn rate 2. Minimal employee turnover 3. Only gig in town 4. No hype/distractions 5. Chip on the shoulder – you work extra hard. The disadvantages: 1. Geography-based VC skepticism 2. Significantly fewer networking opportunities 3. Customer scarcity 4. Prospect skepticism

The Economist (A source of analysis on international business and world affairs.)
Frequent flyers: The sad, sick life of the business traveller | The Economist

The “hypermobile”—largely but not exclusively business travellers— suffer from three types of consequence: 1. Physiological effects: Jet lag, whose direr, if rarer, potential effects, include speeding ageing or increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke; danger of deep-vein thrombosis, exposure to germs and radiation; less exercise and less healthy eating than people who stay in place. 2. Psychological and emotional effects: “travel disorient… (read more)