What’s the best way to hire an executive?

Jason Lemkin (Managing Director at Storm Ventures, SaaStr.com)
10 Great Questions to Ask a VP Sales During an Interview | SaaStr

1. How big a team do you think we need right now, given what you know? (If he/she can’t answer — right or wrong — pass). 2. What deal sizes have you sold to, on average and range? (If it’s not a similar fit to you, pass. If he/she can’t answer fluidly, pass). 3. Tell me about the teams you’ve directly managed, and how you built them. (If he/she can’t describe how they built a team — pass). 4. What sales tools have you used and what works for you?… (read more)

What’s the best way to get more customers for your product?

David Sacks (CEO at Zenefits)
New Sales Models – David Sacks, Founder and CEO of Yammer – YouTube

I believe in the law of successful distribution arbitrage. Successsful distribution techniques are copied until they are no longer unusally effective. That’s why this is such a tough problem. Overtime users get used to techniques and they become less effective. The same techniques that got LinkedIn or Facebook to millions of users would not work today.

What’s the best way to get more leads?

Iris Shoor (Co-Founder, VP Product @ Takipi)
29 B2B Growth Hacks – The ULTIMATE List | Oribi Blog

We postponed adding live chat to our app and website for a long time. My assumption was that in order to benefit from live chat we need to have a 24/7 support group. I was wrong. We started turning on the live chat only for a couple of hours at first. It was enough to talk with some relevant users and schedule some demos.

What’s the best way to get testimonials?

Miles Austin (President at Fill the Funnel)
The Secret of the Ultra-Successful Sales Person: Testimonials and Recommendations

The best time to ask is right after they have told you that they have been able to accomplish their objective because of your effort. A testimonial that says how awesome you are is nowhere near as powerful as when they tell everyone that they achieved their goal/objective because of selecting your product or service. Make it easy for your customer to provide the recommendation by giving them some tips. Sharing other recommendations that deliver a… (read more)

What’s the best way to evaluate a sales person?

Sonya Meloff (Co-founder of Sales Talent Agency)
The World’s Best Interview Question | PROFITguide.com

How did you prepare for this meeting with me today? Boom! Like water on a wicked witch, we will see the poorly prepared splutter and shrink in the spotlight, while the true sales champion will be thrilled that we asked. They will explain to us how they dug into our websites, Googled our competitors and industry, reviewed our work histories on LinkedIn and found photos of our dogs on Instagram.