What’s the best way to know if someone will make a good sales person?

Sonya Meloff (Co-founder of Sales Talent Agency)
The World’s Best Interview Question | PROFITguide.com

1. In the first 30 minutes of your initial interview, decide if you would buy from them. 2. Find some proof that they have a strong work ethic. The clearest evidence is someone who knows their own performance numbers extremely well because hard workers love to be measured. 3. Dig into their sales metrics. How well did they perform compared to their peers? You should be looking for people who consistently rank in the top 25% of performers in each … (read more)

What’s the best way to know if someone will make a good sales person?

Steve W. Martin (Author of Heavy Hitter Sales Training)
What Separates the Strongest Salespeople from the Weakest

What separates high-performing salespeople who exceed their quota from under-performers who miss their quotas by more than 25%? 1. Verbal acuity. On average, high-performing salespeople communicate between the 11th and 13th grade level when scored by the Flesch-Kincaid test as opposed to the 8th and 9th grade level for underperforming salespeople. 2. Achievement oriented personality. They are fixated on achieving goals and continuously measure th… (read more)

What’s the best way to interview?

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
How to ask great questions | A Founder’s Notebook

I’ve found that the best questions are open ended enough that you’re not anchoring the person answering the question, but specific enough that the question is easy to answer. For example, I have a friend who I see every weekend. Instead of asking “how are you?”, which is too wide for most people, and therefore elicits a bland or evasive response, he asks “How was your week?”.

What’s the best way to keep morale high?

Jeff Sinelli (CEO of Which Which)
Smiling Is Contagious. Customers (and Your Business) Thrive on It.

Smiles have an effect on those who receive them. [They] can literally make other people feel like they are winning. As smiles are contagious, this sentiment of reward is passed along to the next unsuspecting soul.