What’s the best way to write good copy?

Geoffrey James (a contributing editor for Inc.com, is an author of the award-winning blog Sales Source)
Get Inside a Customer’s Head

Imagine that you look like the customer: same height, same weight, same complexion, same gender. (Hint: check out his or her LinkedIn photo. ) Imagine that you have the exact same background: same education, same companies, same experience. (Hint: LinkedIn again. ) Imagine you must deal with the same challenges: the same customers, the same colleagues, the same vendors, the same bosses. Finally, from that perspective, ask yourself: What benefits … (read more)

What’s the best way to set pricing?

Raj De Datta (CEO at BloomReach)

Let’s say you want to build a $100M recurring revenue SaaS business. There are really only two fundamental ways of doing it: 1. Tackle the enterprise: Sell 1000 companies @ least $100,000 per year deals with a market size of at least 5,000 companies. 2. Tackle the small & medium business: Sell 100,000 companies @ least $1,000 per year deals with a market size of at least 500,000 companies. The valley of death is often in the middle.

What’s the best way to plan headcount for your sales team?

David Sacks (CEO at Zenefits)
New Sales Models – David Sacks, Founder and CEO of Yammer – YouTube

If you’re reps are hitting 80% or 70% of quota within 6 months, something like $25k in six month, keep hiring them. If your team achievement drops below 70% (of quota) – you probably need to take a step back and digest. That’s probably correct in 80% of cases.

What’s the best way to plan headcount for your sales team?

Tomasz Tunguz (Partner at Redpoint Ventures)
Startup Best Practices 13 – Patience with Unit Economics

Mark [Roberge, CRO at Hubspot] uses his sales teams’ performance to determine how quickly he grows the sales team. For example, a startup employing Mark’s strategy might have a $4k MRR quota for its five person sales team. The VP of sales would then tell the existing sales team, if they exceed $4. 5k MRR quota next month, there won’t be any incremental hires. And the quota then increase the next month to $5. 0k, and so on until the team can no lo… (read more)

What’s the best way to measure your company?

Slava Akhmechet (Founder at RethinkDB)
57 startup lessons

Sales fix everything. You can screw up everything else and get through it if your product sells well. Product comes first. Selling a product everyone wants is easy and rewarding. Selling a product no one wants is an unpleasant game of numbers.

What’s the best way to monetize?

Tomasz Tunguz (Partner at Redpoint Ventures)
The 3 strategies of freemium companies | A Founder’s Notebook

Successful freemium companies do three things: 1. They use free to market, educate and win mindshare. The Internet enables potential customers to research products much more deeply before engaging with a sales person. 2. They leverage usage data to improve their product. The large amount of users using the product enables A/B testing with statistical significance, a non-trivial strategic advantage. 3. They gather information about their customer … (read more)