What’s the best way to use events and conferences?

Dan Martell (Co-Founder of Flowtown, CEO and Co-Founder of Clarity)
Startup Conferences 101: Getting Your Money’s Worth | @getmoreclarity

In order to do an effective post-mortem on the return on the conference, set aside some time before the event to determine your metrics for success, and use these as benchmarks to hold yourself accountable throughout the conference. For example, often times entrepreneurs attend events to meet new people, expand their network and get introduced to specific people. Make a clear list of the those you want to meet at the event and make sure you get t… (read more)

What’s the best way to measure product usage?

Brian Balfour (Co-Founder, CMO @ Boundless)
Avoiding The Wheel Of Meaningless Growth

There is a cycle that plagues a lot of companies. It typically works like this: 1. A startup wants some press, so they look for some bloated number to give the writer (downloads, registrations, visits, etc). 2. The startup then celebrates that press article, internally supporting the message that the bloated metric is worth pursuing. 3. In order to get additional press hits, the startup needs to increase that bloated number, so they focus on incr… (read more)

What’s the best way to manage customer feedback?

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
The challenge of pitching your app to journalists or VCs | A Founder’s Notebook

One of the situations where your product (such as a mobile app) gets judged by the wrong criteria is when you talk to journalists. For many products, journalists aren’t your target users, so they have limited patience. I found that getting journalists to install our app, including choosing 5 stocks, was tortuous.

What’s the best way to launch your product?

Vibhu Norby (Co-Founder, CEO at b8ta)
Should you make a big PR push when launching a product? | A Founder’s Notebook

The bigger your launch, the quicker you will enter the famous “trough of sorrow. ” No human can easily withstand the emotional rollercoaster of startup metrics. “Launching” screws with your metrics – and you need clean metrics to evaluate and iterate on your business. If you see 6000 signups on day one and 2000 on day two, you can be mislead about the strength of your vision

What’s the best way to get more customers for your product?

Seth Godin (Founder at Yoyodyne Entertainment)
Seth’s Blog: “Our biggest problem is awareness”

If your startup, your non-profit or your event is suffering because of a lack of awareness, the solution isn’t to figure out some way to get more hype, more publicity or more traffic. …the solution lies in re-organizing your systems, in re-creating your product or service so that it becomes worth talking about…you can dramatically impact the ‘more awareness’ problem by investing heavily in a funnel that doesn’t leak, in a story that’s worth s… (read more)

What’s the best way to get good press coverage?

Max Ogles (Marketing Director at Mobile Coach LLC)
How To Save Your Startup From The “Spotlight Effect”

Yipits lofty expectations and subsequent disappointment werent just a coincidence; they were the result of the powerful and potentially detrimental psychological effect of valuing media feedback and artificial buzz over the only kind of feedback that actually matters: The kind that comes from users.

What’s the best way to get good press coverage?

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
PR meets strategy — the Jeff Bezos approach | A Founder’s Notebook

Jeff Bezos has a single “talking point”, the core mission statement of Amazon, and brings everything back to that. “Bezos takes a red pen to press releases, product descriptions, speeches, and shareholder letters, crossing out anything that doesn’t convey a simple message: You won’t find a cheaper, friendlier place to get everything you need than Amazon. “