What’s the best way to launch your MVP?

Paul Graham (Co-Founder & Partner at Y Combinator)
Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas

Empirically, the way to do really big things seems to be to start with deceptively small things. Want to dominate microcomputer software? Start by writing a Basic interpreter for a machine with a few thousand users. Want to make the universal web site? Start by building a site for Harvard undergrads to stalk one another.

What’s the best way to know if your idea is a good one?

David Cummings (Managing Partner at Shotput Ventures)
Minimum Viable Product or Minimum Acceptable Product | David Cummings on Startups

One rule of thumb I like is that the minimum viable product should be built and launched in 90 days with the minimum acceptable product no more than 45 days after that.

What’s the best way to interview customers?

Seth Godin (Founder at Yoyodyne Entertainment)
Seth’s Blog: Asking or announcing…

We have to create environments where people choose, then ask them why. When you ask someone if they would use your new product, buy your new widget or participate in your new service once it’s ready, you will get a lie in response. People don’t mean to mess you up, but you’ve made the error of asking them to imagine a future they have trouble imagining. It’s incredibly different than asking them to justify what they already do.

What’s the best way to form your initial team?

Fred Wilson (Co-Founder and Partner at Union Square Ventures)
The Management Team – While Building Product – AVC

Building product is not about having a large team to manage. It is about having a small team with the right people on it. You need product, design, and software engineering skills on the team. And you need to be focused, committed, and driven. Management at this point is all about small team dynamics; everyone on board, working together, and getting stuff done. Strong individual contributors are key in this stage. Management skills are not a requ… (read more)