What’s the best way to reactivate your churned customers?

Jason Fried (Co-Founder & CEO at Basecamp)
Marketing Without Marketing: Why 37Signals Favors Customer Retention | Inc.com

The way I see it, I can spend a lot of time and money trying to persuade a bunch of newcomers to try Basecamp. Or I can spend a lot less effort helping current customers get more out of something they’ve already purchased and enjoy using.

What’s the best way to reactivate your churned customers?

Alex Turnbull (CEO of Groove)
How We Got 2,000+ Customers by Doing Things That Didn’t Scale

When you’re an early-stage startup, you’ll lose a lot of customers because you don’t have everything worked out yet. When you do work things out, those lost customers might come back, and it’s worth fighting for every single one.

What’s the best way to measure product usage?

Josh Kopelman (Partner at First Round)
Founder Office Hours With Chris Dixon And Josh Kopelman: Schedit | TechCrunch

“The real data is retention and repeat usage. ” Startups that focus on the real metrics can make their products better, attract more customers, and make them happier.

What’s the best way to manage customer feedback?

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
How to use net promotor score surveys to improve your product | A Founder’s Notebook

Using NPS survey responses has an advantage over mining usage data: the verbatim comments from detractors can tell you what’s missing from your product or what’s wrong with it, whereas usage data can only tell you what’s successful.

What’s the best way to manage customer feedback?

Sachin Rekhi (Group Product Manager at LinkedIn)
A Practitioner’s Guide to Net Promoter Score (NPS) | Sachin Rekhi

The most actionable part of the NPS survey is the categorization of the open-ended verbatim comments from promoters & detractors. Each survey we would analyze the promoter comments and categorize each comment into primary promoter benefit categories as well as similarly categorize each detractor comment into primary detractor issue categories.

What’s the best way to interview customers?

Ruben Gamez (Founder of BidSketch)
Doing SaaS Cancellation Interviews (the Jobs-to-be-Done Way) | ExtendsLogic

My favorite way to [interview customers] is by doing “switch interviews”, in which you focus on how the customer stopped using one product and started using another.

What’s the best way to interview customers?

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
Build your product to explicitly address a “Job To Be Done” | A Founder’s Notebook

Build your product to explicitly address a “Job To Be Done”. Focusing on a Job To Be Done removes the need to specify who your target customer is, because your target customer is anyone who needs to get this job done. If you discover that there are different jobs to be done, for example Clay Christensen’s example of a milkshake to provide breakfast on a commute and a milkshake to provide a treat for a child, you’ll likely find you have different … (read more)

What’s the best way to improve retention?

Jason Lemkin (Managing Director at Storm Ventures, SaaStr.com)
How to think about churn | A Founder’s Notebook

You’re going to end up with an organic churn rate that is inherent to your product. The most important thing is measure it and then drive it down. That’s what I did. We set a goal at Echosign to decrease churn 20% year over year. You need to measure it and force the team to own a metric.