What’s the best way to scale your organization?

Ben Horowitz (Co-Founder & Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz)
CEOs Should Tell It Like It Is – Ben’s Blog

There are three key reasons why being transparent about your company’s problems makes sense: 1. Trust – Without trust, communication breaks. 2. The more brains working on the hard problems, the better. 3. A healthy company culture encourages people to share bad news. A company that discusses its problems freely and openly can quickly solve them. A company that covers up its problems frustrates everyone involved.

What’s the best way to scale your organization?

Ben Horowitz (Co-Founder & Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz)
Taking the Mystery out of Scaling a Company – Ben’s Blog

When an organization grows in size, things that were previously easy become difficult. Still, if the company doesn’t expand, then it will never be much of a company, so the challenge is to grow and degrade as slowly as possible.

What’s the best way to retain employees?

Maura Thomas (Award-winning speaker, trainer, author)
Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team

Being “always on” hurts results. When employees are constantly monitoring their email after work hours — whether this is due to a fear of missing something from you, or because they are addicted to their devices — they are missing out on essential down time that brains need. Refrain from after-hours communication. Discourage an always-on environment of distraction that inhibits creative flow.

What’s the best way to be an effective leader?

Jeff Weiner (CEO at LinkedIn)
5 Leadership Lessons Learned from Jeff Weiner | Sachin Rekhi

It’s important to constantly repeat the team’s top objectives, the decisions that are being made, the culture you are trying to establish, and anything else you want the broad team to truly internalize. It’s equally important to drive consistency in the message, even using the exact same words to really ensure it sticks.

What’s the best way to be a good manager?

David Jackson (Founder, Seeking Alpha)
How to write a monthly report for your investors or manager | A Founder’s Notebook

In Seeking Alpha, every team leader and “metric owner” writes a monthly report. The Seeking Alpha manager’s monthly report is a Google doc shared with the whole company. It must not exceed one page. It contains four sections: (i) Key Metrics (ii) Candidly, How Successful Was I This Month? (iii) Top Things To Figure Out (iv) Goals For Next Month.