What is the best metric to measure your startup against?

Tom Tunguz argues that share of habit is a better metric for startups to focus on than engagement. “Share of habit”, however, has disadvantages. You can’t measure it if you don’t have access to accurate market size data — and who has that?  And it’s not a good operating metric, as it’s impacted by external factors out of your control. In that respect, it’s a vanity metric.

David Jackson in The best startup metric: Share of habit?


How can I interview a customer?

Research study after research study has shown that people are very bad at predicting their future behaviour and attitudes. Therefore one of the worst, but sadly most common, research questions to ask is: “Would you use feature ‘x’ if we built it?”

Intercom in Asking customers what you want to hear

(h/t David Jackson in The survey question you should never ask)

How should I manage feedback from my customers?

The less the customer pays, the more feedback they provide, and the less engaged they are (making their feedback worse). The best feedback — and least noisy feedback — is from your most engaged (and generally most profitable customers). The biggest risk of all is listening to all the wants/wishes/complaints from the free and low-value converts and ‘potential’ converts.

Jason Lemkin

(h/t David Jackson in The biggest risk of freemium)